2016 July Lunch ‘N’ Learn

Sandy-Weaver-Carman-personality-shot-300x451Sandy Weaver Carman “Happiness is Job One!”

​Is your life as vital, productive and comfortable as it could be? In this fun, interactive workshop, you’ll learn to …

RETHINK … knee-jerk reactions are easy – but are they right? Sandy will show you how to quickly and accurately evaluate options and pick the best one.

REWIRE … Neuroscience research has discovered that persistent thoughts either serve us – or tank us! Sandy will show you how to put a stop to thoughts and actions that don’t serve you – at work and in your everyday lives!

RECOMMIT … Remember a time when you were over-the-top happy? Sandy will show you how to get those feelings back, so that decisions are easier, work is less work, and life is more fun!

We meet at the Grille at Towne Lake Hills at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday July 19, 2016.

$12 covers lunch and non-alcoholic drinks.

Learn more about Sandy at sandyweavercarman.com.

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