TLBA Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund

Each year, the Towne Lake Business Association hosts a Bowl-A-Thon (previously a golf tournament) benefiting the TLBA Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund. Two $1,000 scholarships are awarded annually to graduating seniors, one each at Etowah and Woodstock High Schools in the Towne Lake area. Past winners are:

Dianna Gonzalez – Etowah High School
Claudia Miklosik – Woodstock High School

Jacob Pollack – Etowah High School
Owen Bailey – Woodstock High School

Katie Hildebrandt graduates from Etowah High School with a 3.95 grade point average and is the top three percent of her class. She is a Georgia Merit Scholar, and has received a Superintendent Key Scholar Award. Her leadership roles include the leadership council of the National Honor Society, student ambassador, president for the Relay for Life and she is a math tutor at Etowah.

Garrett Kiefer has several entrepreneurial endeavors already under his belt. He started a lawn mowing and pet sitting business during his freshman year in high school in order to earn money to buy a car. The summer before his senior year, Garrett helped develop and design RodRak, a truck bed fishing rod rack. He hopes to manufacture and sell design in the future. Garrett’s leadership roles include serving as the JV captain on the Woodstock Wolverine football team his sophomore and junior years. He also volunteered to read to Woodstock Elementary School students during his junior and senior years.

Brett Overy graduated with a 3.3 GPA and is the captain of the Woodstock Ice Hockey team. In 2008, he and his brothers started B4 Lawn Care. When his brothers left for college, Brett took over the business, and that’s when his entrepreneurial spirit shined. “I decided I wanted to grow the business, so I went door-to-door, selling my services to neighbors. Through these efforts, loyal customers and word of mouth, my business doubled by the end of summer,” he said. Brett also added services and employees, and his responsibilities included negotiating pricing, scheduling and accounts payable. He also found room in the business to provide free services to some elderly neighbors. In the fall, Brett plans on attending East Tennessee State University to study Bio-Medical Engineering.

Calvin Ebert graduated 26th in his class and a few of his academic achievements include Superintendent’s Key Scholar Award, AP Scholar with Distinction and National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar. His leadership roles include soccer referee for four years and French National Honor Society President. True to possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, Calvin has been involved in several endeavors. He has bought and sold aquariums which led into the breeding and selling of fish to local aquariums and online. He also fixes iPods and iPhones, which he feels has provided him with sales and advertising skills. He also sells items frequently on Ebay and has a 100 percent on his feedback rating. “This doesn’t mean that I haven’t had any problems with my items on Ebay, but I have been able to resolve the problems to my customer’s satisfaction.” At this time, Calvin is still trying to decide on post secondary education, either Georgia Teach or Wake Forest.



Daniel Guerrero — “I was very honored to have received the Towne Lake Business Association’s scholarship. With the money I was awarded, I was able to pay for my books for the semester and I bought a new laptop with the money that I had left over to use for school. Right now, I’m at Reinhardt University and am enjoying college very much. I started classes last week. I’m running cross country here as well. Thank you again for this award!”

Teryn Mask — “Receiving the Towne Lake Business Association scholarship was a truly a blessing. I am so grateful for such an amazing organization with truly remarkable people. This scholarship has helped me further my education at The University of West Georgia. It made a great dent in my exorbitant college tuition. I adore my college and am so thankful for the help I received in paying for it. The Towne Lake Business Association is a wonderful organization that I hope to contribute to in the future.”

2009: Austin Herod (EHS), Jevone Lawrence (WHS)
2008: Kristina Stepanek (EHS), Brett DelRosso (WHS)
2007: Laura Clay (EHS), Bianca Nawrocki (WHS)
2006: Jaz Dixon (EHS), Kyle MacKinnon (WHS)
2005: Spencer Dalman (EHS), Jessica Ferega (WHS)
2004: Baker Romine (EHS), Ivett and Natalia Kyriacou (WHS)
2003: Lauren Naples (EHS), Lauren Clark (WHS)

The Scholarships were started in 2003 and were then called the TLBA Trail Blazer Scholarships.